Bolster is a ‘boutique agency’: a small, focused agency consisting of digital professionals who aim to create the best platforms for progressive organizations.

Our mission

Bolster was founded in 2014 by Jaap Stronks, who previously worked as a digital strategist for non-profit and media organizations. From 2014 on, it has been our focus to develop better platforms for independent media publications and non-profit organizations to tell well-crafted stories and to attract new members, supporters and donations.

Since 2019, we are focusing our efforts on developing campaign websites with Wings – visit for more information.

The team

Contact information

Although we would be happy to welcome you to our office in Rotterdam if you are in the neighbourhood, we like to work remote, which enables us to work for international clients. Our address:

Bureau Bolster
Dunantstraat 2
3024 BC Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Feel free to contact us by calling +31 10 870 02 04, reach Jaap Stronks by email on or fill out the contact form below.