Introducing Wings: a headless CMS-as-a-service for progressive campaigns


We made a thing. It is Wings, a CMS-as-a-service to power the next generation of progressive campaigning.

We have quite the announcement to make. It is a new CMS-as-a-service to power the next generation of non-profit campaigns and digital magazines, and it is called Wings. It is already in active use by the European Greens, GroenLinks and others. From the announcement post:

Wings is an opinionated CMS-as-a-service geared towards stories and campaigns, great for blogs, storytelling and non-profit campaigns with built-in structural support for specific content types and campaigining tools such as petitions, signups and donations. It allows for speedy and efficient development with low setup cost and continuous innovation. As it is headless, you could use any frontend framework or visual design you would like.

Read the entire blogpost here.