The start

BIJ1 is currently represented in the council of Amsterdam with 1 seat. Its prime goal is to win multiple seats in the Dutch national Parliamentary elections of 2021.

Our work for BIJ1 started in late 2019 with the launch of a fundraising platform, for which we used our digital campaigning platform Wings, leveraging its improved integration with payment processor Stripe and email marketing service Mailchimp.

the fundraiser website

The followup

Subsequently, we launched new websites for the main party,, as well as local branch websites such as, and

These platform are a great showcase of how our Wings platform has matured and is able to serve as a tool to host entire organization websites including news archives, a modular front page, customizable menus and other features you may expect from a modern, professional CMS – even though Wings still shines when it comes to storytelling and campaigning (with donations, petitions and signups).

nodes bij1 opt
The news archive page for BIJ1
A multilingual article page

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