The challenge

After having built a host of digital campaigning platforms for the Dutch Greens as well as the European Greens, it only made sense that we would continue to help spread the Green Wave across Europe. Now that the United Kingdom just had national parliamentary elections – and having officially left the European Union – it is time to build the digital campaigning infrastructure for the years to come.

The Green Party of England and Wales turned to Wings, our headless CMS for advanced campaigning websites, for a series of campaigning platforms, the first of which is 20 For 2020

The £ 20 for 2020 website

Stripe & Shopify

Although Wings is built to allow for custom integrations, it features premium support for Stripe Checkout, which allows clients to enter their Stripe credentials to integrate Wings Fundraiser campaign forms with Stripe Checkout, including support for payment methods such as creditcard and Apple Pay.

We also have a Shopify integration in the works, allowing editors to display product widget by simply referencing a product ID in the Wings CMS.

Want to know more about Wings and how Bolster could help your organization? Feel free to contact us.