The challenge

The team behind Lijm de Zorg wanted to raise awareness about the crisis in mental health – or actually, they set out to harness the growing awareness and sense of urgency that was already present and growing all over the Netherlands.

That is why Bolster and our campaigning platform Wings were a great fit, because it allowed us to create a basic but very effective petition campaigning platform quickly and affordably:


Upon launching the website, it was immediately picked up: on the first day, it was signed over 20 thousand times. It also helped get a lot of media attention – although that was to a large extent due to the activists behind the campaign, such as Charlotte Bouwman.


Within a few days, the petition was signed over 50 thousand times, and Bouwman was invited on the popular tv show De Wereld Draait Door.


To be continued

The campaign is still running, as the crisis in the Dutch mental health care sector is only deepening.

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