Young & United

Although unions continue to be a driving force behind societal progress – and they seem to be a on a winning streak, at least in the Netherlands – they face various challenges, both internal (decreasing membership levels, the need to upgrade technical infrastructure) as well as external (from public perception to union busting practices).

Bolster helps unions tell compelling stories and raise awareness, supporters & members. We have been working a lot with Dutch labor union FNV and its offshoot Young & United, but also with smaller unions for journalists as well as students – often in joint efforts with FNV.

One Wings-powered campaign website is, a beautiful longread that explains the widespread use of temporary employment contracts in The Netherlands. It is a good example of our expertise concerning technically more advanced, editorially elegant campaign websites. (Read more about our campaign websites here).

Since 2018 and 2019, we have worked on many labor union projects, often using petitions and event signups as well as storytelling to help them raise supporters and, ultimately, members.

The custom letter campaign for
A petition campaign for workers at the Dutch public broadcasting corporation a campaign against student debt
The culmination of a petition campaign: 130k signatures delivered to the government, helping to raise the minimum wage for young people

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