Free iOS Shortcut: create social media meta images


If you use iOS, you can use this shortcut to create meta images that take any image without cropping it.

Meta images are important when sharing your content online – the image shows up on your friends’ and followers’ feeds and will help them decide if they should visit your page.

Een Twitter-card met een op maat gesneden meta-image

The challenge

The thing is: these images should have the correct size. Facebook and Twitter don’t mind which image you’ll feed them, though; they will happily crop and resize anything they will be fed.

However, that is not always in your best interest. If you have podcast artwork that is a square image, for example, you will notice it will be horribly cropped:

Facebook knipt gewoon een stuk van je afbeelding af – maar er moet eigenlijk wat bíj.

The solution

The solution: an iOS shortcut that overlays the image of your choice on top of a transparent PNG of just the right size. This way, instead of cutting pixels from your image, additional invisible pixels are added:

De workflow van de shortcut

Use this shortcut

Install this shortcut on any iOS device (iPhone or iPad), if it’s running one of the latest versions of iOS that support the Shortcuts application.

Install the shortcut

Visit this link on in iOS device.