Built with a modern tech stack

Progressive organizations need great websites, that can seemlessly integrate with newsletter tools, CRM systems, payment providers and action toolkits. That is why we created:

  • Wings, a headless CMS-as-a-service to store your content and campaigns
  • Hummingbird, its powerful React-based front-end companion

Both are home-grown by Bolster, tailor-made for European campaigns for social good – that we can easily integrate with your activism toolkit, CRM system and/or email marketing software.

Tell well-crafted stories, like WTFLEX.
The £ 20 for 2020 website


Wings is a turnkey platform for advanced progressive campaigning websites. You can find more info over at wings.dev, but the features include:

  • advanced petition, event & signup campaigns
  • fundraiser campaigns with custom fields, optional goal/counter, integration with Stripe, Mollie or other processors, support for any payment method you can think of
  • advanced yet user-friendly editor to craft beautifully designed pages and articles
  • integration-ready: with premium support for Mailchimp, but ready for integrations with other email and campaigning tech including The Action Network
  • quick and affordable to set up, easy to effortlessly scale (both in terms of traffic & signups as in terms of numbers of websites, for example if you want to host large numbers of Wings websites for local chapters)
  • easily customizable; Wings can be expanded with special content cards, for example if you want to embed Cloudinary videos with silent autoplay, or embed Shopify items

Do you want to know more, or perhaps take it for a spin? We can set you up with a lightning-fast platform in no time. Contact us and we will gladly schedule a demo.