Why Perikles Journalism?

If you know how to tell compelling stories, you need ways to turn that into a business model. That’s where Perikles Journalism comes in. It offers an advanced editorial system for longform copy and multimedia, and it features a host of ways to grow your revenue, including paywalls, ads, job boards and sponsored content.


We have designed and developed a host of digital magazines in the past five years, especially in the Netherlands, with beautiful storytelling:

Articles from Perikles-powered platforms OneWorld and Erasmus Magazine

Multimedia support

Perikles Journalism offers a wide range of options to present images, video and audio alongside text-based copy. It features an advanced podcast system with a built-in audio player, subscribe buttons, iOS Podcast banners and support for Twitter Media cards. See the Dutch investigative journalism podcast Speurwerk, for example.


It also offers a lot of editorial niceties, such as annotations which enable you to elegantly link to your source material. Try it out, this is an example1.

Diverse business models

A professional digital magazine needs systems for revenue generation. Perikles Journalism has quite a few of those.

A job board is a great revenue driver. Examples from Vers Beton and Advocatenblad.
Sponsored articles from partners are a great source of income as well.

Smart paywalls

Perikles Journalism offers both ‘hard’ as well as ‘leaky’ paywalls.

A leaky paywall on the Powerswitch platform
More leaky paywalls for Vers Beton, Nieuw Wij and OneWorld

How can we help you?

Are you interested in taking your online magazine to the next level? Contact us to find out how we may be of service.

  1. And this is some example copy that will be visible inside the annotation. ↩︎